Beyond Peek-a-Boo: Vision Development in the Young Child

Beyond Peek-a-Boo: Vision Development in the Young Child

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Dr. Jeffrey Kraskin, OD

Workshop #5 Beyond Peek-a-Boo: Vision Development in the Young Child.

A workshop about the development of vision skills through the first five years, the common vision red flags that teachers and caregivers should be aware of, and guidance on the kinds of visual experiences necessary to ensure that children have optimal visual development. Dr. Kraskin shares games and activities that will help build vision skills and strengthen/correct common problems and a few words of wisdom that a teacher could share with parents who are anxious for their two-year-olds to read chapter books about why reading too early/reading small text/reading too much/ reading in the dark is developmentally inappropriate for young children.

Dr. Jeffrey Kraskin, OD, PC, began his practice in 1980 after completing his degrees in Optometry and Elementary/Early Childhood Education. The office was founded in the early 1900s by Dr. Lewis Kraskin and continued in 1950 by the late Dr. Robert Kraskin. The practice provides general optometric evaluations applying the “Behavioral Concepts of Vision.” This area of optometric care may at times be referred to as “developmental” or “behavioral” eye care. Dr. Kraskin likes to say that he provides care from “womb to tomb.” In other words, he sees patients beginning in the first year of life through their senior years.

MAESA 2017 Early Childhood Conference Dr. Kraskin [Compatibility Mode] CLICK HERE to see.