You are invited to join or renew your membership in MAESA

Membership provides opportunities for heads of schools, administrators, teachers and chaplains to meet regularly with colleagues from other Episcopal schools to explore areas of common concern and interest. We also promote programs for teachers and students, which enhance learning in our schools and encourage service to our surrounding communities.

MAESA members will see a modest increase in membership dues in the 2017-2018 calendar year.  This is the first increase passed by the board in a number of years, and it reflects the additional resources and activities we will be providing to our members.

  • We are especially committed to providing support to the adults who serve our schools, and you will see this right away at our members’ meeting in September, when we add a luncheon and an opportunity to meet in affinity groups.
  • We are also adding a “listening tour” for our new Executive Director, Katherine Murphy. This will provide an opportunity for her to visit you, and for you to share your school’s story helping us understand how MAESA can meet your schools’ needs most effectively.
Annual Membership dues are as follows:

  • $75 – schools with 50 or fewer students
  • $150 – schools with 51-100 students
  • $200 – schools with 101-150 students
  • $250 – schools with 151-200 students
  • $300 – schools with 201-250 students
  • $350 – schools with 251-300 students
  • $475 – schools with 301-400 students
  • $600 – schools with 401-500 students
  • $700 – schools with 501-600 students
  • $750 – schools with 601-750 students
  • $800 – schools with 751+ students

Complete the membership form and payment page on-line or make checks payable to: MAESA

Mail to: Katherine F.  Murphy, 3928 Colonel Ellis Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304