October 25, 2019 MAESA Early Childhood Conference: “School, Family & Teacher Partnerships: Working Together for Success”

The 2019 conference will be hosted at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School lower school campus in Alexandria, VA. MAESA’s 2019 conference features workshops led by developmental professionals in the field for our early childhood educators.  Click HERE to see the workshop descriptions and download a registration from HERE.  

Register for the conference on-line using this LINK. Payments must be mailed separately. 

MAESA Welcomes Keynote Speaker Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA as she tackles “Getting In Sync at Home and School”

Sammy has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and is easily over-stimulated.  He is comfortable at home where the environment is quiet, every moment and mouthful is predictable, and he doesn’t have to share his toys.  School is a different story; there, Sammy is out of sync.  Angie also has SPD and craves stimulation.  She thrives in the invigorating school milieu; at home, where she is constantly, messily on the go, she confounds and irritates her parents and siblings.  Let’s consider putting on “sensory spectacles” to see why these kids behave as they do, how they meet their sensory needs with “self-therapy,” and what parents and teachers can do to help home and school get in sync.

Carol Stock Kranowitz introduced Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to parents and educators around the world through her groundbreaking book, The Out-of-Sync Child, the first publication in her “Sync” series. Carol learned about SPD at St. Columba’s Nursery School, which her sons attended and where she taught for 25 years.  She speaks nationally and internationally about SPD’s effect on children’s learning and behavior and how families, teachers, therapists and other professionals can support children as they grow — at home, at school, and out and about.  A graduate of Barnard College, Carol earned her master’s degree in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University.  She lives in Bethesda, is a classical cellist, and dotes on five grandchildren.