MAESA Early Childhood Educators Conference, Friday, November 3, 2023, at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, 4700 Whitehaven Parkway, Washington, DC, 5600 Little Falls Parkway, Bethesda, MD. Join us for workshops and faculty fellowship!

Registrations for the MAESA Early Childhood Educators’ Conference on Nov. 3, 2023, will be entirely on-line via a Google Form found HERE. A complete description of the workshops and presenters will be available soon at this link . Please share these descriptions of the conference speakers and workshop offerings with your teachers so they have the opportunity to read about the wonderful experts and topics we have planned this year. 

MAESA Early Childhood Educators’ Conference: “Early Childhood From the Inside Out” Developmental Professionals and Early Childhood Practitioners Weigh-in

Keynote Address by Berni Kozlowskion on November3,2022

The Art and Science of Shifting from Surviving to Thriving:  “A Modern Approach to Mindfulness Practices for Educators” 

As an educator, have you been under stress, the unrelenting kind?  

The art of growing the minds & hearts of children can’t happen when you — their teacher — are constantly stressed. What if you were more fully present to yourself and to your students? What if you could be profoundly calm in the face of overwhelm and urgency? What if you had as much energy, stamina, and enthusiasm at the end of the school year as at the beginning? You barely have time to eat lunch or answer emails. How do you find time to be mindful during a school day even when you know that your stress impacts the social and emotional context of the classroom and student well-being and learning?

Bernadette (Berni) Kozlowski, a certified meditation coach who taught science in independent schools for 25 years, will share surprisingly SIMPLE techniques and strategies that make quiet time for yourself feel more like an indulgence than a discipline. Berni skillfully blends neuroscience and physiology with mindfulness traditions, teaching educators research based easy-to-implement strategies for themselves and their students, helping them be more gently responsive to day to day challenges.

HERE is a complete list of the additional MAESA workshop descriptions and presenters.  Register HERE for the conference and select your workshop choices. Registration deadline is October 25, 2022.