Membership Dues and Benefits

Learn About Benefits and Pay Membership Dues

You are invited to join or renew your membership in MAESA by completing the membership form and paying membership dues using the form below. If you prefer, a check can be mailed to MAESA 1813 Duffield Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22307. Thank you.

MAESA Benefits: The Mid-Atlantic Episcopal School Association seeks to strengthen the community, enhance the mission and promote the witness of Episcopal schools in the Mid-Atlantic region. We seek to do this by providing opportunities for heads of schools, administrators, Teachers and chaplains to meet regularly with colleagues from other Episcopal schools to explore areas of common concern and interest. We also promote programs for teachers and students, which enhance learning in our schools and encourage service to our surrounding communities. Finally, in association with the National Association of Episcopal Schools, we advocate our needs as schools within our several dioceses and within the national Church.

Annual membership dues correspond to your school’s enrollment. Membership dues are as follows: 

  • Schools with fewer than 50 students: $75
  • Schools with 51-100 students: $150
  • Schools with 101-150 students: $200
  • Schools with 151-200 students: $250
  • Schools with 201-250 students: $300
  • Schools with 251-300 students: $350
  • Schools with 301-400 students: $475
  • Schools with 401-500 students: $600
  • Schools with 501-600 students: $700
  • Schools with 601-750 students: $750
  • Schools with 751+ students: $800
  • Diocesan Membership: $500
Dues for Student Enrollment 1-401
Dues for Student Enrollment 401-751+

Please make checks payable to: MAESA or pay on-line after completing the membership form.

Mail to: Elise Neil Bengtson, 1813 Duffield Lane, Alexandria, VA 22307